Test your reflexes! Real world reaction coordination game.

Speed and Scream

released on Steam, Oculus Home and Viveport

Visit worlds of our imagination, on a rollercoaster. This collection includes 4 rides - one that takes you to the moon, abandoned power plant, distant alien world where our laws of physics doesn't apply and realm of the dead.

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Desert Ride Rollercoaster

released on Steam, Viveport, Oculus Home, free download

RollerCoaster that will take you to ride in desert canyons and mines. Synced with music track composed by Czech duo Dalphon and Violee

Oculus Home Viveport

The Autism Simulator

Developed for: SPOSA, complete, avilable for free download and licensing

In just one minute you wil acknowledge feelings experienced by person with autism in a regular café.

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experimental concept, free download

"I kept dreaming of a Roller coaster, I thought I'd never see. And then one day.. I got in."
We were wondering, how would it look like to stop into a world that doesn't exist? We decided to find out with this nice Oculus DK2 demo, inspired by Tron.

Video Download - Oculus Rift DK2 (0.5)

Return To The Maze

internal demo

What it would be like, if you revisited some iconic gaming places of the past after so many years? We decided to find out.

Desert Run (VR)

Developed for: Viking Agency s.r.o.

After you set a drug warehouse on fire, can you get out of there alive? 3-5 minut intense driving simulation in tunnels, open places, city ruins. Developed for specific event. Not available :/


Visit Us

internal demo, available on request

Want to see our offices, even when you live on the opposide side of the world? Now you can using a VR headset.

Dance For Life

Developed for: ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s.

Interactive dance game, where six players mirror the movements of a master dancer. Their score is calculated based on how close are they to the masterdancer. After end of each song, the score is converted into money and player can choose the charity to receive them sum. The money are then give by ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s.. Held annually since 2010.

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Positive Gaming iSTEP

Developed for: Positive Gaming B.V.

iSTEP Multiplayer system is Positive Gaming’s entrance level dance game, designed as a simpler and more affordable solution compared to our premium brand iDANCE2.

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Submarine sim

Developed for: Viking Agency s.r.o.

Our first VR project ever, where you control underwater submarine and you need to repair underwater structures.

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